I hope everybody had an amazing week reading. I saw there were some read-a-thons going on. For those who participated, I hope it was super successful. This week, I did get a lot of reading done, but the book selection was kind of hit and miss when it comes down to it.

Here is a quick wrap-up of this week’s books.

The Helpline – This was an ARC that I received from NetGalley. The description got me at a cross between Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and The Rosie Project. Those happen to be two books I adored. However I found The Helpline to be a much sadder version of the other two books. The way they used Germaine and her “quirks” was quite vile. Germaine did have redeeming factors as these stories tend to do, but it would take a lot to redeem how she was treated throughout the entire book, and it didn’t quite make it.

In At the Deep End – This book is being tauted as a LGBTQ novel, but this book was so much more than that. It was a coming of age story, not just a typical one though. This is to the core figuring out who you are as a person, how you want to be as a friend, how you want to be in the workplace and also very much navigating love. Very enjoyable, and yes you will get a very big education on Lesbian relationships.

Gift From the Sea – This was a recommendation from the One Great Read podcast (which is great short form podcast if you want some good book recs). I had never heard of this one, but this book is about sixty years old. This was so poignant and continues to be relevant. It is extremely short, but this will stay with you for a long time.

American Spy – I read this for the Bad on Paper podcast (another one I just adore). There book club picks are typically amazing, but they decided to go with a listener pick. To be fair this has been on my radar since it came out. Unfortunately this one fell a little flat for me. I expected this to be a little more literary and less spy, which I read it was in reviews. However, it was too much spy for my taste, and that is just not my wheelhouse.

The Two Lila Bennetts – This was a book I received from NetGalley. I have read books from these two authors before, but this one is going to get them to the next level. This was a psychological thriller with a Sliding Doors essence. Two parallel timelines. This one will make you think about the choices we make.

Evvie Drake Starts Again – This one blew me away. This second chance love story takes a refreshing twist. Linda Holme’s debut is so perfect and very much so adult and I don’t mean in the bedroom. This is extremely realistic down to first kiss, which was my favorite. This is a book I will be recommending to all my friends and fellow readers.

Sabrina: The Season of the Witch – If you like the Netflix show, this short book is in the same cannon and is a prequel. I thought this would add something different to the story I did not know, but really it was a little back story that I felt had been told throughout the show.

Ex Machina Book 1 and Book 2 – I am working my way through this Graphic Novel by personal favorite Brian K. Vaughan. So far this is wonderful, but going to write one final review, when I complete the series.

Currently Reading

The Idea of You – Listening to this on Audiobook and I am completely obsessed with this book, very much like the main character in the book. I am going to be upset with this dreamy book is over.

Is There Still Sex in the City? – Reading a Galley of this one. This is not Carrie’s Sex in the City, this is Bushnell’s. This is non-fiction, so please be aware. I am finding a little humorous and very sad about the tales from a newly divorced Bushnell and her friends.

Also got to spend time in Austin’s BookPeople Saturday. I had a decent gift certificate so came home with a super nice haul. I have a lot to look forward to.

Please feel free to comment on your favorite reads of the week. I love hearing what you all are reading.

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