In the meantime, I still managed to get some good reading in, Here is a quick recap of what I read.

Hi Y’all. Hope you had a spectacular week. I absolutely love this time of year because we all get much more cozy time to read. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving where I will have some dedicated reading time, hopefully without life getting in the way.

Hands Up – This book is centered around the Black Lives Matter Movement. What I felt was the difference maker, is that the author gave us multiple POV’s, from the family of the victim and the cops that were involved in this terrible incident. Nothing is black and white in this story. I felt this was a very relevant story to the news cycle and highly recommend it.

We Came Here to Forget – I just loved this family drama so much. This is 100% in my wheelhouse. Dunlop wrote this in two time periods from the eyes of one main character. The chapters alternate between the leads time in Buenos Aires after a tragic event takes place in her family, and everything leading up to this sudden change in scenery. Dunlop does a great job perpetuating this story without giving to much away. She also takes on a topic, that we just don’t know that much about. Great, exciting read.

Wild Game – All I have read is that this is the best memoir of the year. I beg to differ on that one, I found myself thinking why we should care about her involvement in her mother having a long term affair. The situation was just strange, and I find myself shaking my head a lot. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but this is one memoir that did not need to be written.

Once More We Saw Stars – This memoir was such a poignant depiction on how to deal with grief. Let me be clear this is no definitive answer, but this was extremely uplifting how Jayson Greene and his wife death with the tragic death of their two year old daughter. Tissues are a must for this one, but don’t fear there a some really good laughs to go along with this one.

The Accidental Beauty Queen – This was a palate cleanser for me, and pretty much all it was. It was a cute rom-com, but this will not be one that sticks with me for any length of time.

I hope you all had a great week of reading, feel free to share your favorite reads of this week with me.

Posted by:Lauren A.

You really can say I am an obsessed reader as I read 200-300 books per year. I love Literary Fiction, Memoirs (I don't really care what kind), Mysteries and Thrillers. Once in awhile I will thrown in some YA and Romance. When I am not reading, I am a Sales Engineer for a software company, and I take care of my three cats with my husband. I love music, which my college degree is in. Looking forward to share my thoughts on all things reading.

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