Author: Sara Sligar

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Publisher: MCD

Publication Date: April 28, 2020

Book Description: A spellbinding novel of psychological suspense that follows a young archivist’s obsession with her subject’s mysterious death as it threatens to destroy her fragile grasp on sanity

When the famed photographer Miranda Brand died mysteriously at the height of her career, it sent shock waves through Callinas, California. Decades later, old wounds are reopened when her son Theo hires the ex-journalist Kate Aitken to archive his mother’s work and personal effects.

As Kate sorts through the vast maze of material and contends with the vicious rumors and shocking details of Miranda’s private life, she pieces together a portrait of a vibrant artist buckling under the pressures of ambition, motherhood, and marriage. But Kate has secrets of her own, including a growing attraction to the enigmatic Theo, and when she stumbles across Miranda’s diary, her curiosity spirals into a dangerous obsession.

A seductive, twisting tale of psychological suspense, Take Me Apart draws readers into the lives of two darkly magnetic young women pinned down by secrets and lies. Sara Sligar’s electrifying debut is a chilling, thought-provoking take on art, illness, and power, from a spellbinding new voice in literary suspense.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Review: Take Me Apart is a slow mystery that unravels itself until almost the last page. It is what I would call a Literary Mystery. The story is narrated by Kate who has come to catalog the personal notes of Miranda Brand a famous artist who people question how she died. Alternately you will get to read Miranda’s journal’s, letters and even see receipts that she methodically saved.

Kate takes a job working for Theo Brand, son of Miranda. Kate has had her own “breakdown” and is looking to get back on her feet. Theo is a father of two who appears to want to put this part of his life behind him and get back to his life ASAP. Kate is asked to catalog all of Miranda’s and her husband’s belongings. What she begins to unravel becomes unnerving, and takes over Kate’s entire world.

There is a lot of intrigue with this story, and it will keep you turning the pages. However, it is slow, it is not twisty at all. Think of it as onion, that you are just peeling away the layers at, very slowly. It is satisfying, but not in the way that we have become accustomed to.

It is very much worth reading, just have the right expectations here. This debut novel from Sligar will keep you intrigued. I am definitely interested to see what she will write next. If you like Miracle Creek I think this book will be for you.

Thank you NetGalley and MCD for an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Posted by:Lauren A.

You really can say I am an obsessed reader as I read 200-300 books per year. I love Literary Fiction, Memoirs (I don't really care what kind), Mysteries and Thrillers. Once in awhile I will thrown in some YA and Romance. When I am not reading, I am a Sales Engineer for a software company, and I take care of my three cats with my husband. I love music, which my college degree is in. Looking forward to share my thoughts on all things reading.

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